Satisfied by the sister


Leaving the school, I pulled myself and I breathed deeply, not being able to not stop a satisfied smile pushing to my face. The day was solar and warm, and before me promising showed over two months of holidays.
- Okay, okay, men - said with tone of the organiser short boy, , gathering at leaving the building to me and the rest, and offering everyone the cigarette. - now it is necessary somehow to celebrate the beginning of holidays.
- We are going to get pissed up to the wood - I suggested..


- I have a good idea - a low boy replied, smiling. - we can go out on the tiles at me. I have a free cottage, some drinks party will be screwed together, will invite more people and some … woods
It met with the general approval of all interested parties with celebrating, and around the comments full of satisfaction started spilling:
- Fucking great, Kipek, I I am dropping in!
- And guitar, it today at Kipka!
And so on, and so forth.
- It when do we start? - I asked.
- The sooner the better. Drop in even right away - said Kipek. - and pozapraszajcie a few persons, because it is necessary to use, that there is no my old. As what, it it is possible to stay with me up to the … morning a few vacancies for snoozing.

My parents were still at work, and siora as usual sat in front of the TV in the living room, looking with the boredom at the film being on. Since when she passed her secondary school-leaving examination and was pleased with earlier holidays, spent the entire days this way. I changed and I cheered on the dinner, with which I went to the living room for myself during the meal along with sis loves me to stare into the TV set.







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